Sur Glace will allow you to learn more about the world of short track speed skating. You will have the chance to find various content videos to demystify the sport and capture its nuances to enjoy this amazing sport even more. Whether it’s on a short film format or a friendly discussion between two athletes, you’ll get to learn who your heros really are and get inspired by your favorite athletes.

A blog will also be updated regularly throughout the season, the whole in collaboration with our expert-analyst, the one and only, François-Louis Tremblay. He will allow you to understand the reality of an athlete by giving his opinion during the season on the ongoing events and by explaining some of the more technical topics of a skater.

In collaboration with Speed ​​Skating Canada and the Federation de Patinage de Vitesse du Québec, Balboa Sport is pleased to present this new content platform for Canadian short track speed skating. You can also follow us on Facebook @Sur Glace – Speed ​​Skating and Instagram @ surglace.ca